Laser scanner FOCUS 3D FARO

Joint-Stock Company NPP Technoimport is the official distributor in territory of the Russian Federation of company FARO®.

Field of activity delivery of laser scanners, training and technical user support.

Laser scanner FOCUS3D allows to make fixing of surrounding conditions on the electronic carrier that further allows to make measurements of objects and distances between them, export of the data in various systems, and also creation of authentic 3D-models of objects and district.

  • carrying out of spatial positioning and definition of volume perception of separate objects, their relative positioning;
  • reception the data about remote objects when direct access is complicated or impossible;
  • definition of the geometrical sizes of objects;
  • contactless nondestructive measurement of valuable objects;
  • reduction of terms of designing and improvement of quality of design works at the expense of split-hair accuracy and automation of measurements;
  • imitation of installation of the new equipment in the scanned area: definition of necessity of moving of already available equipment, check of compatibility of the equipment and elements, definition of "Bottlenecks" to estimate necessity of modification of a design.

  • Repeated use of the data

    The received information can be used for the decision of various problems with application of the initial data of laser scanning, the further processing and creation of three-dimensional model without retake

  • Optimization of time and financial expenses

    Time of carrying out of field researches is reduced to 90 %. Fast reception and updating of the information with split-hair accuracy of measurements.

  • Automation of process of measurements and data processing, shooting of remote and difficult objects
  • the Greatest accuracy and , in comparison with two-dimensional measurements
  • Minimization of "the human factor without a stop of industrial works
  • Compatibility of the data with AutoCAD, Microstation, AVEVA PDMS

Results of the created model are transferred in programs through standard formats dxf, dwg, txt and own format.

The general technical characteristics
Weight: 5.0
Overall dimensions: 240 x 200 x 100
Calibration: Annually
Parallax: abs
The gage of a vertical deviation on two axes: Accuracy 0.015°;
Range ±5°
Pressure: 19V (an external food),
14.4V (the storage battery)
Capacity: 40 W (a food from the accumulator or an external source)
80 W (a food from an external source at battery gymnastics)
Battery operating time: up to 5 hours
Ambient temperature: +5°C ÷ +40°C (long operation)
From –20°C (is short-term, till 30 minutes).
Humidity: Without condensation
Cable socket: It is located on the basis of the scanner

The block of measurements
«Direct» interval: 153.49 m
Range Focus3D of 120: 0.6 – 120 m in/out of premises with a diffused light and 90 % reflecting surfaces
Speed of measurement: 122 thousand points/sek
244 thousand points/sek
488 thousand points/sek
976 thousand points/sek
System error: ±2 mm on 10 m and 25 m, at 90 % and 10 % reflection
System noise:
10 - "the crude" data 0.6 mm at 90 % reflection
1.2 mm at 10 % reflection
10m - the filter of noise 0.3 mm at 90 % reflection
0.6 mm at 10 % reflection
25m - "the crude" data: 0.95 mm at 90 % reflection
2.2 mm at 10 % reflection/td>
25m - the filter of noise: 0.5 mm at 90 % reflection
1.1 mm at 10 % reflection

The permission: to 70 Mpix, color
Dynamic color: Automatic adaptation of brightness
Parallax: Is absent (a camera is built in coaxially to the channel of measurements)

Visibility area
Vertical field of vision: 305°
Horizontal field of vision:: 360°
Vertical step: 0.009° (40,960 3D px 360°)
Horizontal step: 0.009° (40,960 3D px 360°)
The maximum vertical speed of scanning: 5,820ob/m or 97Gz

The laser (the optical transmitter)
Capacity of the laser: 20mW (a laser Class 3R)
Length of a wave: 905nm
Beam divergence: Typical 0.16 (0.009 )
Diameter of a beam on an exit: 3.8mm, a circle

Management of the scanner and data storage
Management of the scanner: Touch screen
Data storage: SD, SDHCTM, SDXCTM; 32GB a card in the complete set
The Ministry of Internal Affairs Criminalistics

D-scanning Allows to make quickly data gathering, to fix a relative positioning of objects and traces, completely to exclude errors of "the human factor at data gathering.

The special software allows to use received a cloud of points for problems , to spend any gaugings with split-hair accuracy, to model a situation, to look at a place of events from any foreshortening since real conditions at the moment of data gathering are fixed.

Using a photo of the person it is possible to "place" it on three-dimensional model, to calculate various parameters (growth, the size of footwear etc.) and to analyse various assumptions of a consequence (whether allows to get growth of the person to a ceiling, etc.).

The Ministry of Internal Affairs road accident fixing

The technology allows: to fix road accident consequences, such as: a relative positioning of cars and victims with a binding to district, traces of braking, a talus of a dirt and beaten glass, damage of cars, to define any distances between objects (cars, labels, buildings, illumination columns, etc.) to within 5 mm to define a relative positioning of objects and also to estimate a damage rate of objects.

Allows to create authentically without errors the road accident scheme, if necessary to create three-dimensional model of a place of events, to reuse the data which completely correspond to the real data at the moment of fixing.

Any falsification of the data at scheme drawing up is completely excluded, since the scheme and a cloud of points remain a uniform file.


Architectural measurements, geodetic maintenance of designing and installation of front designs; control of deformations at the loading appendix on a design; 3D-modeling of buildings, streets and quarters; drawing up of detailed plans and 2D-drawings; monitoring of facades; creation and restoration of the executive documentation and creation of working drawings.

Building and operation of constructions

3D-modeling; updating of the project and control of accuracy of performance of building norms in the course of building; optimum planning and control of moving, installation and removal of large parts of constructions or the equipment; installation works; monitoring of a condition of object at operation; restoration of the lost drawings.

Management of roads

Shooting of a road cloth, creation of 3D-model of a relief; designing, reconstruction and building of objects of an infrastructure; diagnostics of a condition of a rail track, building of access roads, control of limiting sizes of deviations.

Mining industry

3D-modeling of open open-cast mines and underground developments; definition of volumes of developments and warehouses, support works, building and designing of objects of arrangement of deposits.

The oil and gas industry

3D-modeling of deposits, , open open-cast mines and underground developments; high-precision digital models of difficult technological objects and knots; inventory and monitoring; geometrical control of tanks; support works; designing of objects of arrangement of deposits.


Shooting of objects (cables, basic designs), creation of 3D-models, installation works; monitoring of a condition of object, control of deformations, drawing up of plans and drawings.