Mobile system AMATA-RD

The mobile complex is created on the basis of a laser measuring instrument of speed with photo captire option with possibility of wireless transfer on a remote post.

"Amata-RD" it is intended for operative control of a high-speed mode and allows to make measurement of speed of movement of vehicles, fixing of the facts of infringement of traffic regulations and provides wireless data transmission between a measuring instrument of speed and the remote personal computer established in the patrol car or on a post of traffic police.

  • the Conclusive demonstrative base in court is provided with use of a laser method of measurement of speed and range that allows to establish the fact of infringement of a high-speed mode of a car in a stream.
  • Automatic recognition of numbers. Complex "AMATA-RD" allows to make automatic recognition of the state registration signs on cars on the fixed photographic materials.
  • Video transfer on a remote post. "AMATA-RD" has work possibility, both in an automatic independent mode, and in a mode of transfer of video on a remote post.
  • Management of operating modes on a radio channel from a remote post.

  • Definition of speed of the concrete HARDWARE in a stream.
  • Automatic fixing of a car at excess of the set threshold of speed by it, with preservation of the information on the location, infringement, etc. information time.
  • Preservation of the finished shooting shots in a non-volatile flesh-card.
  • Record and storage of video fragments.
  • Transfer to a mode of real time of video from a measuring instrument on a remote post on a wireless communication channel on distance to 3 km.
Speed/Distance Specifications
Speed range 1.5 - 280 kph
Speed accuracy 1 kph
Maximum measurement distance 300 m
Distance for clear license plate images 15 - 250 m
Distance for clear license plate on a remote post, m 15 - 150 m

Wireless Specifications
Maximum range of data transmission by wireless 3 km
Standard of data transmission IEEE 802.11
Speed of data transmission not less than 5 Mbit/s

Video/Image Specifications
Video recording speed 5, 10, 15 frame/sec
Video recording speedin a measurement mode 10 frame/sec
Internal video storage Up to 100 shots

Physical Specifications
Batterytime 8 h
Weight of meassuring module 6 kg
Weight of remote module 4 kg
Operating temperatures -30…+50 °

Stability to loading at flaws to 20 m/s

The appointed service life of the System - not less than 20 000 hours.

The delivery complete set:
  • Laser speed detector with photo capture option
  • Wireless module for AMATA
  • Wireless module for mobile post
  • Laptop
  • Software
  • Cables
  • Documentation
The device is used for compliance and enforcement for road users to comply with traffic regulations of the Russian Federation