Laser speed detector with photo capture option

The device gives the chance to carry out the means of control and supervision for participants of traffic on observance of traffic regulations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The basic difference from existing technologies consists in absolute reliability of the received data, the photo material received by using AMATA can't be challenged and is the offense proof in court.

Structurally the device is executed in the plastic case made from the shock-resistant plastic. The device configuration is similar to a videocamera with leaning back on 90 ° TFT display, a diagonal of 5.7 inches and the permission 640 480. There is the display closed at transportation that provides its mechanical protection against the casual damages.

Navigation on the device is carried out by means of the touch screen allowing considerably to simplify management, and it is duplicated by buttons on the device and a remote control.

Homing on a target is carried out on a video picture on the display.

The capacity of accumulators is enough for work of the device without additional charge till 8 o'clock. The charging of accumulators are carried out from the network adapter or from an onboard network of the car.

The device AMATA is for all-weather using.

The unique function "Precipitations" allows the device to work in heavy weather conditions, such as snow and a rain.

The site of the device:

Features of the device:
  • the Conclusive demonstrative base in court is provided with use of a laser method of measurement of speed and range that allows to establish the fact of infringement of a high-speed mode of a car in a stream.
  • the Unique patented design providing guaranteed alignment of channels of a photo - video-fixing and the measurement channel.

The basic functions of the device:
  • Measurement of speed of movement of a car and distance to it.
  • Record and storage of a photo of the infringer of a high-speed mode which except the picture contains the detailed information on a place and time of infringement, current speed of a car, and also the inspector and the device, with which help a picture (for the further automated processing is received).
  • Record and storage in memory of a photo without fixing of speed (for example, a wrong parking, crossing of a continuous line etc.).
  • Record and storage of video fragments (for example, journey on forbidding signal of a traffic light, departure on a counter lane etc.).
  • Work in a night-time on the shined sites of road.
  • Work in an automatic mode of measurement of speed.

Besides, «AMATA» has a number of additional possibilities which provide more convenient use of the device for the inspector:
  • the Unlimited quantity of users, to each of which can be appropriated the unique password.
  • Special templates of users allow to keep often used data, such as: the name of a site of road on which there is a patrol; restriction of speed on the given site; an operation threshold; a range of fixing of offenses and other necessary parameters.
  • Removal of the finished shooting material probably only with access rights of the manager.
  • Management of the device by means of a remote control.
  • Navigation on the device is carried out by means of the touch screen (it is duplicated by buttons on the device and a remote control).
  • Intuitively clear structure of the menu, allows to use the basic functions of the device even to the unprepared person (not acquainted with the maintenance instruction).
  • Possibility of viewing of the finished shooting material on the device for a presentation to the infringer and report drawing up on a place.
  • Work of the device from an onboard network of the car or from the accumulator.
  • Possibility of installation of the device in car salon.
  • Installation of drivers at device connection to the computer isn't required.

For drawing up of reports the delivery structure includes the software which allows to read out automatically the information from the device and to make decisions on the case of administrative infringement.

It is possible to carry to advantages of the device also its ergonomics, compactness and small weight. The device keeps working capacity at temperature to-30 ° without thermocasing use.

Speed/Distance Specifications
Speed range

1.5 - 280 kph

Speed accuracy 1 kph
Maximum measurement distance 700 m
Distance for clear license plate images15 - 250 m

Video/Image Specifications
Video recording speed 5, 10, 15 frame/sec
Graphical internal display resolution 640 x 480 pixel
Graphical image resolution 1,600 x 1,200 pixel
Minimal image recording distance 15 m
Display size 5.7 in

Service functions
Records Driving Offenses from passengerside of the vehicle (patrolling) Yes
Cordless Remote Control IR Yes
Computer Connection USB 2.0
Automatic Speed Measuring Yes
Firmware Update Yes

Physical Specifications
Batterytime 8 h
Input voltage 10-15 V
Power consumption, max 6 W
Dimensions 230x120x95 mm.
Weight (with battery) 1.5 kg
Internal image storage 2 GB / 6,000 images
Operating temperatures - 30 - + 40oC
The device is applied to carry out a control and supervision activity for participants of traffic on observance of traffic regulations of the Russian Federation in several modes:
  • a measurement mode (measurement of range and speed of movement of vehicles);
  • an automatic mode of measurement (measurement of range and speed of movement of vehicles without participation of the inspector);
  • a patrol mode (fixing of the image or video without measurement of speed and range).