Speed and distance imitation bench for laser rangefinders and lidars “AMATA-i”

“AMATA-i”  is a hardware-software system that allows to test rangefinders and lidars in laboratory. It is a program-controlled precision delay line.

Assuming the speed of light constant, any distance can be associated with the time it takes for the laser pulse traversing the path to the measured object and back. "Amata-i" includes an optical receiver, which receives the pulse from the inspected device  and transmitter, which emits a reciprocal impulse, as a reflected from the object. The delay between the received and transmitted pulses determines the imitated distance.

As is known, the speed is a coordinates (distance) changing in time. Thus, to imitate  a uniformly moving object, you must change  imitated distance linearly . The program controls the delay value.  It allows to have a broad functionality, which is needed for large number testing routine automation.

 Program flexibility also allows to  implement additional specific features  that may be required in non-standard applications.

“AMATA-i”  allows to imitate a specified distance to the object of measurement and it’s uniform motion (to/from). A high level of automation of the routine makes possible a  fast and easy full-cover testing of all device measuring modes.

“AMATA-i”   does not need PC while regular mode. The control is performed by means of a build-in touch screen and user-friendly interface. There is a USB 2.0 to save testing reports of  a single ore several devices.

All the equipment and methodic instructions, which are needed for periodic verification of the branch itself are included into the package.

Imitation speed range, kph


Imitation speed range accuracy, kph


Imitation distance range, m


Display size, in


PC connection

USB 2.0

Firmware update


Input voltage DC, V


Operation temperatures, °Ñ

+10…+40 °Ñ

Speed and distance imitation bench “AMATA-i”  performs  laser pulse-methode rangefinders and lidars testing  and  periodic verification.