Within the limits of the basic lines of activity Technoimport makes and delivers the following products:

Laser speed detector with photo capture option

The device gives the chance to carry out the means of control and supervision for participants of traffic on observance of traffic regulations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mobile system AMATA-RD

The mobile system is created on the basis of a laser speed detector with photo capture option with possibility of wireless transfer on a remote post.

Speed and distance imitation bench for laser rangefinders and lidars AMATA-i

Speed and distance imitation bench AMATA-i performs laser pulse-methode rangefinders and lidars testing and periodic verification.

The complex of photo and video fixation AMATA-VR

The destination of the complex is an automatic parking control and other infringements of traffic regulations with the subsequent automatic data processing on a post.

The automated system of traces road accident fixation -3D

It allows for the shortest period of time and with the minimum labor contribution to create the absolutely exact scheme of a road accident.

Laser scanner FOCUS 3D FARO

D-scanning allows to make quickly data gathering and to fix a relative positioning of objects.

Decisions for automatic telephone exchange modernization

It is applied to change-over or modernization of the equipment of operating automatic telephone exchanges.