The company was established in 1997 in context of the multi profile Stins Coman Group for the purpose of taking out the competences, which are characterized by the scientific researches and innovations, in separate structure and concentrating the efforts in this way.

The company is considered as an innovative center, having the tasks of the whole scientific-industrial cycle organization, beginning from experimental and development working and ending by serial launching the finished products manufacturing.

  • Accordingly, the innovative product – the laser camera AMATA, has been developed in the company and it not has analogs in the Russian measuring instruments market.
  • During the cooperation with several large plants the trial series was produced and the line of production of devices was organized.
  • Today the AMATA device is certified and produced as a commercial product and sold in Russia, CIS, Middle and Far East.

The different researches have been conducting simultaneously in the laser technologies and video picture processing field and as a result of which there was the development of the new prospective guidelines like: the digital modules of pictures processing for the night vision systems and the wireless atmospheric lines of communication.

The guideline of three-dimensional laser scanning has appeared because of the close technical cooperation with the FARO Company and as a result of that our company has an opportunity to offer the unique products and services for those branches of industry where there is a necessity of measurement of big objects and areas (architecture, TEK, Oil-Gaz, Building, road services, etc.).

At the time the company has a strong basis and a good potential for progress, reinforced by the highly qualified team of specialists and developments.