Our advantages

The NPP Technoimport Company is aiming for the development and provision of products and services urgent and relevant for market, intuitively comprehensible in management, reliable and simple in utilization.

Our resources:

At the same time we are offering:

For our customers:

  • Problem resolving;
  • Advisable price;
  • High quality of the products and services;
  • Effective support of business;

For our suppliers:

  • Long-time mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • Stabilized partnerships;

For our shareholders:

  • Company value growth exceeded the bank revenues and rate of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth.

For our employees:

  • Fair salary related to the market indexes;
  • Interesting working;
  • Increasing of personal qualification and salary accordingly;
  • Prospects of company business growth;
  • Presence in company of competent people keeping to ethics laws;
  • Belonging to the events occurred in the company and the sense of respect towards to himself;
  • Optimal conditions of work;

For the State:

  • National economics strengthening at the expense of the high technologies development;
  • Provisioning the citizens (company employees) prosperity and social immunity;
  • Keeping the current legislation;